Pistorius Accused Of Deception By Journalist

Pistorius Accused Of Deception By Journalist

British-born Journalist Jani Allan, has openly accused Oscar Pistorius of being a 'faux hero', stating that his actions in court are all a perfomance, courtsey of an acting coach.

Jani Allan made this accusation in an open letter, which has since been picked up by the media.

She also compares Pistorius to Eugene Terre'Blanche, who served three years in prison for assaulting a petrol station attendant and for the attempted murder of a black security guard around 1996.

She said of him: 'Terre’blanche was cut from the same cloth as you, Oscar.

'He was given to boasting, vain in all things, narcissistic in the extreme and flying into terrible rages when things didn’t go his way. I suspect this description fits you.'

The Paralympic superstar has frequently wept and been sick during the more difficult moments of his trial.

This accusation of deception against Pistorius has also been raised by June Steenkamp, mother of xxxxx

Pistorius is being charged with the murder of his girl-friend Reeva Steenkamp, who he shot on valentines day 2013.

Pistorius admits he shot Reeva Steenkamp but denies Premeditated murder.

The trial continues May 5.

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