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Best Ways to Handle Rejection

Best Ways to Handle Rejection

Written by Justin F. Akadonye

My oh My! Rejection! I am sure we have gone through that or felt that way at some point in our lives.

Yes! I'm sure we have. Be it through sibling rivalry in our growing-up years, we must have felt rejected by our parents; who may have seemingly loved other siblings more over us.

Or many times when that babe or dude just doesn't fancy you enough as you do them. And you wonder why? "What could be wrong with me?" Why can't they just see or understand how I feel?

Many times we have gone for interviews or indeed auditions and gave it all of our best, and it turned out- they rejected us!

Are you or were you not good enough? What didn't you do right? Are you in the right profession?

All of these questions come running down your mind like a deluge.

Please understand that It's not always personal

In any case, here is some hope.... God made you complete, NOTHING is wrong with you!

Your spouse doesn't love you less, just because you now have kids. Agreed! She may turn some or most of the attention to the children. It's only natural!

A colleague told me that his pregnant wife almost found him repulsive. I'm glad he didn't feel rejected. He understood it was just the hormones talking.

I once heard that actors get more rejection in one year than an average person does in his whole life.

Some go through several auditions and they are always been faulted as too fat, or too short, not light-skinned enough or have no foreign accent.

A telenovela actor, Eugenio Siller puts it succinctly: "For every successful actor, there are countless who don't make it."

He caps it all up by saying that “the challenge is to turn all that disappointment into something positive".

We have to find self- love and acceptance. The truth is no one can be you better than you.

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