I Have The Right To Contest For The Presidency - Oshiomhole

I Have The Right To Contest For The Presidency - Oshiomhole

Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole on Tuesday accused the peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of resorting to politics of intimidation in order to distablise the state ahead of the 2015 general elections.

The governor who spoke to journalists after the council of state meeting held at the presidential villa noted that the PDP ended up revealing their true intent when the party alleged that he was nursing the ambition of contesting the vice presidency.

He noted, however, that even if he decides to contest for the presidency, the PDP cannot intimidate him, adding that he has the right to do so if he was convinced.

He said, “And as you read one Metuhsella or Olisa Metuh or by whatever name he is called; he was reported as saying that I am destabilising Edo State because I want to contest for Vice Presidency. Now, that is standing logic upsidedown. If I want to contest the vice presidency, do I need to distablise the government that I currently head? So, they have let out the cat out, meaning that they are afraid for their own rumoured ambition that I want to contest vice presidency.

“So, the point I want to make is that, if I decide even to contest for the presidency, PDP cannot intimidate me. I have a right to do so if it is my conviction. It is unfortunate that some people want to put their individual interest above national interest and I cannot be intimidated. I’m firmly on ground and there is nothing to worry about.

“Now what is my position? Simple! Without state instrument on the streets of this city of Abuja we confronted the powers that be. We confront people who occupied this villa from 1999 to 2007. I did along with my colleagues; across the 36 states we did. So, I am not a coward that can be intimidated.”

Noting that the PDP was using blackmail to destabilise the state ahead of 2015, the governor said, “One thing is that election is coming in 2015 and we have defeated PDP consistently since 2009 that I assume office. Every By election they lost.

The last National Assembly election we defeated them in the whole of Edo South which is about 51 per cent of the population, we defeated them in Edo North which is about 33 per cent of the population, we defeated them in Edo Central which accounts for about 17 per cent of the population.

In my own election in all that they boasted that they were going to do, I defeated them in all the 18 local government areas including the local government of the PDP godfather. And so what they are trying to do now is that having lost the election, having been rejected by the Edo people and knowing that another election is coming, they want to distablise the state, intimidate my person.

“You have some people who believe that because they are members of the PDP they are above the law and they want to celebrate the culture of impunity. But I am a product of struggle all my life I’m used to people who think that they are much more than what they are. And my own life history tells me that only the man on the side of truth is on the side of God and only that could survive.”

On the issue involving the four PDP members of the Edo House of Assembly, Oshiomole said it was on their own that they went to court asking the Federal High Court to ask the Speaker not to declare their seats vacant, but when the table turned against them, they started treating the court with disdain.

He said, “The House of Assembly determined to be on the right side of the law‎ decided that rather than physically resolve the matter decided to approach the High Court to ask it to grant interim injunction restraining the four suspended members from coming into the House of Assembly.

“Because the police was aiding and abetting these suspended members, the House also asked the court to restrain the police from aiding and abetting these people from violating the suspension order. The High Court granted this order, restraining them from going to House of Assembly, restraining the police from aiding and abetting from doing so.

“I’m sure you have seen on the news channel that they boastfully said they will not obey the court order, in fact they described the court ‎order as useless. And when they bailiff went to serve them the contempt paper they harassed and abuse the he’ll out of the bailiff. Which means these guys because they are members of the PDP believe they are above the law, they are above the court and that court orders are not meant to be obeyed.”

The comrade governor continued: “Ironically, the only reason Edo tax payers money is spent to maintain these honourable members of the House is to make laws‎ for the good governance of the state and yet you who live on law making you are the first to dismiss the order of a High Court even when you were the first to approach the High Court for protection. And as we speak you are enjoying that protection but the other leg of the court decision that is against you, you choose to disobey it.

Now the other thing you are seeing the police excessive use of power, compromising the commercial and economic life of Edo State‎, making the whole place look like the police has become an invasion force is just to protect these four members, aid and abet them from obeying court order. So, if four people refuse to obey court order that does not mean the state is on fire.

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