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Important Reasons You Need A Side Hustle

Important Reasons You Need A Side Hustle

Written by: Justin Akadonye

Nothing, they say, lasts forever; and one shouldn't put all of one's eggs in a basket, no matter how big one feels that basket could be.

Every day comes with new opportunities and we bend over backwards in search for the golden fleece.

We do more than a hundred per cent for paid jobs to earn a salary, build a career and even a life.

As glorious as it sounds. Is that the ultimate reality of life. Would you be playing Oliver Twist, if you indeed asked for more, desired more? Would you be tagged as overly ambitious?

Just where would you turn to, when push comes to shove? How protected or secured is that paid job? Just what future do you have in your mind's eye- For your family, your hopes and more importantly, even if selfishly; For you?!

Some would say, I'm not business-oriented, my paid job takes over 90 per cent of my time.

Have you ever thought of giving five of the ten per cent left, with the same vigour as you do daily. I'm sure you'd be amazed at what you can achieve.

Granted! We all can't be businessmen and women or entrepreneurs at that. I still feel there is something more we can give. We owe it to ourselves. You owe it to you.

Some of us are blessed with unique skills and talents waiting to be honed. It might be what we enjoy doing everyday or in our pastimes.

Have we ever thought of getting more out of it. It just might be writing ( Have you considered writing copies independently?) You may love cooking ( Have you thought of opening your own food place, grill, snack bar or something?).

You could explore the opportunities in the online retail markets/ business (that way you don't need a physical shop)

It doesn't have to be so big. I have and still believe in humble beginnings.

I once met a lady who started off by selling bean pudding (moimoi) at the school gate, where she once worked. She dusted herself up, threw shame and stigma away; right now she's gone international.

I'm just here spending time with my thoughts, guess what I'm trying to say is that we all do need some sort of side hustling.

We all need to have something on the side. We all need to take charge of our lives. There's more beyond the salary.

We should always put something away each month when the paycheck comes.

Let's all make plans for a side hustle.

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