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Pistorius Breaks Twitter Silence As He Awaits Verdict

Pistorius Breaks Twitter Silence As He Awaits Verdict

As Pistorius and the world await the closing arguments in his ongoing trial. Pistorius has broken his twitter silence by posting photos of him posing with children and a passage from the memoir of an Auschwitz survivor.

The last time Pistorius posted anything on twitter was in Febuary on the first anniversary of his girlf-friend Reeva Steenkamp's death.

In one of the tweets, he posted a photograph of his finger resting on a page from Victor Frankl's memoir, Man's Search for Meaning, in which the Austrian psychiatrist recounts his time as a prisoner at Auschwitz death camp during the Second World War.

The passage included the words: 'The salvation of man is through love and in love.

'I understood how a man who has nothing left in this world still may know bliss, be it only for a brief moment, in the contemplation of his beloved.'

In another tweet, he attached a collage of photographs of him helping children with disabilities around the passage: 'You have the ability to make a difference in someones life.

'Sometimes it's the simple things you say or do that can make someone feel better or inspire them.'

Finally, the South African known as 'The Blade Runner' posted a message that read: 'Lord, today I ask that you bathe those who live in pain in the river of your healing. Amen.'

Pistorius Defence team have stated all through the trail that the shooting of Reeva steenkamp was accidental, stating that he believed her to be an intruder in his home.

However prosecution argue that Pistorious shot Reeva Steenkamp after a heated argument on valentine's day 2013,  and have given evidence of a rocky relationship between Pistorious and the deceased, a relationship that waS rocky due to Pistorious volatile nature.

Pistorius faces 25 years to life in prison if he is found guilty of murdering his law graduate and model girlfriend Miss Steenkamp, whom he shot and killed at his home in Pretoria on Valentine's Day last year.

He could also be sentenced to a shorter prison term if convicted of murder without premeditation or negligent killing. Additionally, he faces separate gun-related charges.


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