Former Premier League Footballer Jailed Over Reckless Driving

Former Premier League footballer Marlon King has been jailed for 18 months today for dangerous driving.

The ex Sheffield United striker was driving erratically and eating ice cream behind the wheel when he caused a three-car pile up on the A46 in Nottinghamshire April 26, the court heard.

The footballer was seen weaving in and out of traffic before slamming on his brakes - causing another driver to perform an emergency stop.

Other drivers then smashed into his vehicle, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

One driver had to be cut out of his car before spending three weeks in hospital for a fractured and dislocated forearm.

King pleaded guilty to a charge of dangerous driving in March.

He was eating an ice cream he had bought from a McDonalds just moments before the crash, which happened at around 3pm on April 26.

The court heard that King drove off from the scene but was flagged down by another motorist who feared Mr Beck had been killed by the collision.

King returned to Mr Beck’s car, where he blamed the driver for the collision.

The judge told King: 'You were so pumped up with road rage, you had to start accusing him of being to blame for these collisions'.

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