The increasing trend of child prostitution

The increasing trend of child prostitution

Gone are the days when matured, fully-grown women indulge in prostitution to make ends meet, gone are those days when teenage girls and minors are been scudded for indulging in immoral sexual activities; but the reverse has now become the case as teenage girls enjoy massive patronage from sex seekers.

The involvement of minors in sexual activities has now become an enviable trend in the ‘industry’ where underage sex workers are been patronised massively compared to the older ones in the same line of business.

Findings from few brothels in Lagos such as; Pekas, Shakers among others, reveal that the involvement of teenage girls in prostitution is massively on the rise.

Just recently at one of the sex workers’ hub situated at the business area of Allen in Ikeja (Pekas hotel), older men and posed in their multi-million naira vehicles have been sighted on several occasions, alighting from their expensive cars to make their demands based on the choice of ladies they were presented with.

These girls as part of their usual characteristics manner, skimpily dressed such that ‘no man’ could resist having a second look at, humped into their vehicles, drove off to probably ‘pass the night’ with the aged men, old enough to be a grandfather and of course patiently waiting to answer the call from their ancestors.  

‘I started working as a sex worker at the age of 12,’ an undisclosed sex worker revealed in a recent chat.

Although she claims to be 19-years old as at now, the sex worker (name withheld) revealed how she usually enjoys massive patronage right from when she was a teen and started her sexual service adventure at a very tender age of 12.

According to her, men of this century are used to having such pleasures with young girls simply because ‘they still feel that freshness’ among the teens.

In a similar vein, another sex worker suspected to be within the age bracket of 40 and 50 and identified simply as Lizzy (not real name), dressed in a very provocative manner and with her breast served to the sights of men, blamed poverty, desperation and a deliberate attempt by some minors to escape violence, as the major cause of child prostitution.

Although Lizzy has gotten more experience in the industry, she sees nothing wrong with her line of business, but she, however, blamed their acts on illiteracy and unemployment that has already become an over-flogged issue that has refused to yield any result in the country.

What does the future behold for these mothers and wives who are obviously struggling to define their career path in life, who will come to their aids, the government or supernatural deliverance? These have remained unanswered questions, placed on the lips of many individuals.

The topical act is however not exclusive to Lagos or Nigeria alone as Thailand also has a reputation as a center for child sex tourism and child prostitution.
It would be recalled that prostitution in Thailand dates back as far as the 14th century, when it was legal and taxed by the government.


Report by Akoh Godday

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