Another kidnapper tunnel discovered in Ikeja

Another kidnapper tunnel discovered in Ikeja

Just when residents of Ikeja and it environs were recovering from the discovery of a suspected kidnapper's den  Obadeyi bus stop, another tunnel suspected to be a kidnapper's hag out has been discovered in Ile-Zik, Ikeja Lagos yesterday.

 The discovery was made after a suspected kidnapper was arrested after passer-bys reported they heard a cry for help of a female victim coming from a tunnel.

The tunnel was reportedly searched by a mob after which one of the suspected kidnappers was set ablaze by the angry mob while the other made to run away but was eventually caught.

One of the suspected kidnappers was arrested with an iPhone after he was forced out of the hoe with a tear gas. 

An eye witness who spoke to the press said: “About three days ago we discovered that there is a cage and we went there, beside the CCTV camera, a man who has been taken away now by the police lives there and we used to think he is a mad man. 

“Some items discovered include ladies underwear and lots more, we later saw that he is normal, many human items were found there.





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