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The Voice Nigeria: meet the contestants

A new season of the voice  starts with the blind auditions. In this stage the coaches, all noteworthy performing artists, have their chairs faced away from the stage as the contestants sing.

The coaches have the duration of the contestant's performance(90 seconds) to decide whether they want the contestant on their team and turn.

If one coach turns, the contestant defaults to that coach but if more than one coach turns, the contestant has to choose who he/she wants to work with. In the end of the blind auditions, each coach will have twelve "Talents" on their teams.

see  some of the contestants under each teams below:



Arewa Comfort
The 26-year-old musician also runs a small businesses on the side. She joined a gospel band at 13 years and sang at weddings, birthday parties and clubs. She says if she could be anything else other than a musician, she would love be to Nigeria's Ambassador. Musicians that inspire her inclide Timi Dakolo, Waje and Asa.

Glory Amanyi
The 26-year-old Primary School Teacher started singing at the age of 5 years, where she sang in a church group with some of her older siblings. Some of her favourite Nigerian musicians include Waje, Tiwa Savage and Omawunmi.

Obichi Marshall
The 24-year-old proffessional singer and make-up artist says she uses music to express herself. She started singing last year and has backed up Bez during a concert in Abuja not sol long ago.

Paulyn Bob
A professional make up artist and an aspiring musician, 24 year old Paulyn Bob says she started singing way back in primary school. "I was always given the lead part in any song or poem" she said. In high school, she became the music director of the school choir. She hails from Port harcourt in Rivers State and though she has diversified into other facets of the entertainment industry, only a career in music will suffice.

Shapera Makepeace
The 30 year old teacher seeks to pursue her passion for singing and to make a career out of it. In her younger years, she had to struggle to get her father's consent to delve into music, an approval she has since gotten and is really trying not to dissappoint her father.

Wilson Odini
The 20 year old university graduate studied Intellegent Security. He draws support from his mom and has been singing for as long as he can remember.

Zorah Julius
The 25 year old entrepreneur from Ondo state first started singing at age 9 when she performed at a church crusade. She claims singing gives her an intense satisfaction like no other. She claims if she wasn't singing, she would rather be a successful music lawyer or an actress.


Chris Rio
Born in Delta State, 21 year old Chris Rio started from what him and his siblings fondly called "The American Village Choir" which consisted of his parents, himself and his siblings. They only ever performed in their living room during morning prayers. Music only became a potential career when he turned 15. Losing his father just aged 9 and the close bond they shared made him adopt his late father's name. He says everytime people call him Chris Rio now, it serves as a reminder of the legacy behind the name and a chance to be the best version of himself.

Ifeoma Onu
Ifeoma is a 32 year old logistics manager who started singing as a child but grew vocally stronger after she joined the church choir. She claims she has been singing all her life and the only occupation she may consider giving up sing for is being a Chef. She marvels at the musical prowess of greats like Asa, Waje and Yemi Alade.

Jahnomso Ilem
Jahnomso is a 27 year old event planner from Imo state. He joined the children's choir in his church at a young age and even won an award as the best child vocalist in a musical competition he entered aged just 10. He draws his inspirations from listening to musical greats like Seal, Onyeka Onwenu and tuface.

Joy Ebiem
Popularly known as J'Dess is a 26 year old aspiring musician and a back ground vocalist who is seeking a bigger platform to further showcase her talent and springboard her career to newer heights.

Ogechi Ihenacho
The 25 year old from Imo State is a university graduate. She has been part of a music group called "The Heavenly Singers" with her siblings. The group sings mainly gospel songs. People who inspire her in the music industry include Don Jazzy, Omawumi and Yemi Alade.

Olanrewaju Omowa
The 20 year old music student has been singing for as long as she can remember. Her family says she's been singing since she was a baby. If she wasn't doing music, she'd be studying medicine. Some of her greatest musical influences include Asa, Nneka and Timi Dakolo.

Olawale Olusi
The 22-year-old Graphic Designer had his first singing experience as a young boy when his neighbour gathered him and his sisters outside their yard and gave them singing lessons. They were called The Marverlous Three.  Some of his biggest musical influences include Simi, Adekunle Gold and Wiz.

Torisheju Ogbe
The 25-year-old values his family a lot and says he's called the "creative, crazy one" in the famliy even though he's not quite sure why. He says he's used music to pull through some of the tough times he has been faced with.


Afolayan Alabi
Having lost his dad at a young age, his mother has been his ‘momager’ since he started singing professionally. Music saved him in secondary school when he suddenly lost his speech, but after about a year with the impairment, he could only sing and that led to him regaining his speech.

Annie Cedric
The 25 year old aspiring musician from cross River State first struggled to get her father's approval to pursue her dream of becoming a professional musician. Being able to win her father's approval and a chance meeting with her role model Asa was all the reassurances she needed. Now all she needs is a platform to propel her.

Blessing Isaac
"My dad knew I was a very shy kid who could sing, so he signed me up himself into my church choir. Being there helped my confidence level grow drastically, so much so that I began to believe in the talent I have though i waited till I was 18 years old in 2010 before i started singing professionally".

Emmanuel Okafor
Growing up, Emmanuel Okafor watched his family struggle with a lot of things which resulted in him growing up with different homes at a young age. Now the 28 year old who is a painter and a decorator who has a passion for singing is determined to put all his challenges behind him by creating a career in music. All that's left is a platform to spring-board off on.

Favour Idugbe
The 19 year old student started singing in church, where she sang in the Youth Chior and later became the Chior Director. If she wasn't doing music, she'd be a designer or make up artist. Some of her biggest musical inspirations include 2Face, Waje and Tiwa Savage.

Itunu Ogunyemi
She's a lead vocalist in her band and has been with the band for 7 years. Her mom is her biggest supporter. Infact, she says it was her mom who opened her eyes to the world of music.  

Kessy Mbonu
Watching and listening to her mom sing at a very early age and seeing the emotional release it afforded her was the only conviction a young Kessy needed to steer her onto the path she now walks. She runs a successful catering outfit with her mother to help fund her music. She also leads her own band.

Tama Nisa
They 25-year-old is the only girl in the family. She believes The Voice Nigeria will catapult her to her dream of being one of the greatest singers in the country. One of her favourite musicians is Waje.


Blessed Eke
24 year old Blessed Eke realized he could sing at an early age but lacked the confidence to take his talent seriously until he got into university, when he felt the time had come for him to overcome his fears

Daniel Diongoli
The 22 year old final year student from Bayelsa State started singing in the streets. If he could choose any other career besides singing, he would be a soldier. Musicians that inspire him include Timi Dakalo, Dare and Asa.

Emmanuel Precious
The 22 year old high school teacher from Abia state got his first taste of singing when his then school teacher made him sing at his primary school graduation. His late parents thought he had done a sterling job that they encouraged him to take singing seriously.

Godwin Bada
25 year old Godwin Bada started singing at the age of 7, when his dad bought cds at home and encouraged him and his little sister to listen to them, sing along to them and perform them in church on Sundays. He subsequently joined the children choir and also the church choir at the age of 13 when he realized that music had a calming and soothing effect on him. Now he seeks a larger platform to launch a career in music.

Grace Udoh
The 29-year-old lawyer is passionate about music. She started music at an early age and has been a background singer for a while. She says she find happiness in music.

Jahtell Ilem
Jahtell is a 23 year old from Imo state who honed her singing skills first in her house during the family's morning devotions. She took her new found passion a step further by joining the children's choir in her church, before making it all the way as the choir leader. She draws her musical inspiration and influences from musical greats like Onyeka Onwenu, nathaniel Bassey and Asa.

Kendris Ologidi
Kendris Ologidi is a 25 year old guitarist and musician who was lucky to get the full support of his mom to pursue music from a very young age. His jovial nature bellies his quiet nature.Armed with his disarming voice, he hopes to finally get a platform to launch his career.

Nwando Okoli
The 27-year-old started singing at an early age. She got an award for singing the school anthem at the age of 3 years. She says her husband is her biggest fan and supports her music 100 percent.

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