Joro Olumofin reveals how some Nigerian ladies have killed romance

Joro Olumofin reveals how some Nigerian ladies have killed romance

Relationship psychologist, Joro Olumofin has revealed how some Nigerian ladies have killed romance in their relationships.

Joro Olumofin, in a new article discussed how these ladies have killed romance which suppose to be the very key in relationships.

He opined that it is a proper romantic gesture from the heart, which shows how a man or woman truly feels.

According to him, we are in the era where the show of money equals to romance due to both parties backward mentality.

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"What am I doing with a flower? Can I eat it or plant it ?" Some Nigerian ladies have killed Romance ; this has led to less Relationships, lack of self worth, increase in one night stands and body counts. - Joro Olumofin

Romance is very key in relationships, a proper romantic gesture from the Heart shows how a man or woman Truly feels about his significant other. In Nigeria today, because of the economy, misinformation, backward mentality in both men and women Romance is meant to be a show of Money. No money , No Romance.

Ladies be honest with yourselves in answering. let's do a quick survey.

1?? Flowers VS Pizza & Cold stone. Which would you choose ?

2?? 4 Birthday Romantic cards VS N4,000 recharge cards.. which would you choose ?

3??Picnic in Alausa Park with sandwiches &juice VS Drinks at Quilox / Sip with small chops.. which would you choose ?

4?? iPhone Vs Candle light dinner with violin or piano serenade.. which would you choose ?

5?? N200, 000 Vs A trip to Obudu cattle ranch.

6?? A beautiful Painting of yourself Vs a Designer Bag or Shoe

If you scored less than 4 / 6 in this survey, I'm sorry you're materialistic and romantic gestures are secondary to you which is a major problem.

Nigerian ladies are guilty of this because of peer pressures and competition, a young man wrote me last week to complain that his girlfriend asked him for a new phone, he asked her if her phone was bad she said why are you asking me questions my daddy will ask me? Just be "romantic" and buy the phone.

Ladies if your phone is not faulty why embark on a race to buy a new one in the process reducing your Wife material and diminishing your Persona.

It's so sad that romance is dead in our generation. Flowers and cards don't mean anything anymore. Love is now synonymous with Money, Food, and Bags.

A proper romantic gesture will follow you for life while a material gesture will fade in time. Ladies please start receiving and demanding for flowers again."



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