7 things Nigerian students do during night class

7 things Nigerian students do during night class

Reading could be fun for some while reading to another could be a tug-of-war particularly when it comes to school books.

Students in all effort to do well in their academics sometimes participate in night classes. They leave the comfort of their rooms to deny themselves of sleep all for their academics.

Funny enough, there are habits professed by some students during night class instead of reading. Here are lists of what Nigerian students do in night classes.

1. That's the time to gossip

Some see this avenue as a time to explore their gisting career. They whine away time to irrelevant talks.

While they neglect the purpose of the night class.

2. That is the time to eat

When you buy food to snack on during night class but you ended up to devote your entire time to eat and eat instead of reading.

3. Time to watch movie

Instead of reading, that is the time you remember an outstanding movie you need to watch.

4. Telephone conversation galore

Remember when your primary aim of going for a night class is just to stay awake till 12:30pm. You stiring at your time just to enjoy the free night call.

5. Time to sleep