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Funny lies Nigerian mothers tell about men

Funny lies Nigerian mothers tell about men

The love of a Nigerian mother is one that is incomparable, especially when it comes protecting their child in any relationship. They tend to hold on to myths and stories told by their own parents.

They make you believe that whatever they say or know is always true, irrespective of your proofs. Here are lies Nigerian mothers ever told about men.

1. Men are selfish

Mothers will always tell their daughters men are selfish. Then you wonder why they married.

2. Don't kill yourself for a man

If you kill yourself because of a man, he’ll bring a girl to your funeral. This is always an advice from a Nigerian mother when she knows you are thinking with your emotions. Meanwhile most women will not leave a man that assault them, rather they will say they are there because of theiir children.

3. Men don’t have sense

Every Nigerian mother believes they are the brain behind a home. If this is true, why are Nigerian women always worried when their daughter is not yet married.

4. If a boy touches you, you’ll get pregnant

This is like a chorus to Nigerian mothers. When they tell their daughter to avoid men then you wonder if they ever listen to their parents too?

5. Men are stingy

That is why Nigerian mother will advise her daughter to always have backup without notifying the husband

6. Men are not to be trusted
Nigerian mothers always groom their daughter to except the worst from a man. They believe trust is not in their dictionary. Then you wonder if Nigerian mothers are saints too!

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