President Buhari is sick - Oshiomole

President Buhari is sick - Oshiomole

Immediate past Governor of Edo state, Comrade Adams Oshiomole has spoken on the current state of health of President Buhari.

 The former governor admitted that though President Buhari is sick, the sickness is not as bad as some are portraying it to Nigerians.

According to him, the recent visist of some Governors and the Acting President to President Buhari is an indication that those wishing the President evil have failed.

Speaking on the incessant attacks of the Ekiti state Governor on the President And the ruling party, the Oshiomole said he cannot join issues with Governor Fayose as this will bring him to the same level with him.

 “I don’t like to discuss Fayose because when he makes his statements, it only reminds me of an Igbo proverb which says that if a responsible man is having his bath after a hard day’s work and he removes his dress in a local bathroom and a mad man carries the dress and the man bathing, seeing that the mad man has carried the dress, he runs out naked pursuing him, people will see two naked people running and they will say two mad men. So, sometimes, you just allow the mad man to carry your dress and go rather than joining him in his madness.

“One of my very good friends wrote something in the papers criticizing the pictures taken during some APC governors visit to the President; he said maybe a broadcast would have been better. But I ask, if the head of a family is sick and some people went to see him, first there is nothing unusual about that.”

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