TBoss inquires why she went to the BBN show

TBoss inquires why she went to the BBN show

Controversial Big Brother Nigeria contestant, TBoss has inquired why she went into the BBN show while reflecting on her post-reality show experience.


TBoss took to her Instagram page to recall on her experience after the bigbrother house, while appreciating her achievement.

"The past couple of months have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride and as much as I wanna say I love it, I've had my moments when I asked myself WHY??? Why did I go into the house? Who send me message?? Was it even worth it?"

In the same vein, the half Romania reality star acknowledged her fans without leaving her haters too.

"I'm still thinking out the answers to these questions but what I can say without a shadow of a doubt is that God is Too Good. Ohh yes HE is faithful and He raised me an army of amazing soldiers, warriors and I shall Always be thankful to Him for them. I wanna thank you guys- All of you, Yes even them "haters" because if not for the hate I wouldn't have gotten so much love, kindness, generosity and support. I have gotten presents every single day of this week & I assure you it wasn't by my might. I am so Blessed to be me. I wouldn't rather be anyone else-nose,Nipples,tongue rings tatted up and All,controversial-?so they say, Old gran-ma?God pls I wanna be a Great Granma too, annoying, AhhMazzzing and everything in between. I had times when I simply existed and just liked myself But Today I'm Living & Loving myself- Thank you. My God would Bless each and every one of you. Y'all Better believe it?????".

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